About the Author/Editor

I am a Quaker descended from the first Friends converted by George Fox in England and continuing through the first migration of members of the Religious Society of Friends to the Carolinas. Born into Clear Creek Meeting in Richmond, Indiana, I grew up in Gwynedd Friends Meeting, Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, and transferred to New Garden Friends Meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1984. Through the past three decades I have been a member and served as president of the North Carolina Friends Historical Society, a member of the Guilford College Board of Trustees, a board member of the Friends Publishing Corporation/Friends Journal, a board member and clerk of New Garden Friends School, and a member of Quakers Uniting in Publications (QUIP).

When I began to read and transcribe the love letters written by my maternal grandparents, I became immersed in the time of 1922, the insular world of Quakers who knew each other and were working to advance the peace testimony following World War I, working to support Quaker schools, colleges, and service organizations, and, in the case of young adult Friends, working to unite the disparate branches of Quakers.

The result is the publication of a memoir — an annotated memoir — of the love of Paul Furnas and Betty Walter, largely in their own words.

Ann Trueblood Raper

Photos above:

(L) Ann Trueblood Raper 

(R) Left to right: Caroline Sargent Walter Silloway (Betty's mother), Caroline Sargent Furnas Trueblood (Paul & Betty's daughter), Caroline Ann Trueblood Raper (Betty's granddaughter/ the author), and Elizabeth Ann Walter Furnas (Betty): four matrilineal generations.